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       Shamanic Practitioner

Melody Fitzpatrick

As I walk this earth, I choose to walk the path of the Peaceful Warrior with a calling to embrace all creatures, great and small, and reflect back to them the Divine Spark of who they are without the exterior armor of life's wounds or the skins of protection we all wear.


The tracks of my life have been many and have led me through many peaks and valleys along the way.  Some soothed me, others frightened me, and still others led to an inward sanctuary that taught me the beauty way - the way of profound gratitude.  In this inner space, I was able to step more fully into my truth and walk the path of my soul.  


As a steward of the earth and a co-creator of our universe I use my skills as a trained Shamanic Practitioner to nurture the inner fires of the people I come in contact with through life enriching community ceremonies and personalized services steeped in the ancient traditions of varying indigenous cultures.


Melody considers herself an Apprentice of and a conduit for the Great I AM.  She is  the founder of Soul Soulutions®.  She is a graduate of the Healing The Light Body Program of The Four Winds Society and also completed a two-year advanced training in Sangoma Shamanic healing under the direction of master practitioner Gretchen Crilly McKay of Ancestral Wisdom.  

Meet Melody

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