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Sacred Ceremonial Fire

Fire is a tool of transformation in the Andean Tradition of healing. It is a sacred expression of the feminine energy of our great Mother Earth and is a spiritual cleansing ritual that allows for the ridding of those things that no longer serve the highest good of a person.  Ceremonial fires can  help us through our tough times when we feel like giving up or are overburdened with life's challenges and responsibilites.


Sacred fires can also be used to strengthen our bond with loved ones, create community, open the soul to the sacred spirit of all humanity, and serve as a means to honor our Creator and our oneness with the Divine within.


The fire ritual is done around the full or new moon when it is believed that the veil between the worlds is the thinnest thus allowing us to connect with the wisdom of our ancestors for guidance and direction. The ceremony is non-denominational in orientation and is intended to be used as an expression of unity and oneness in spirit.  Sacred fires are done on a monthly basis and are also done for special events.

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