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Earth Medicine Drawing

Private Session

The one on one consultation is an invitation to you to hear the sacred language of your soul by creating a soul portrait using the gifts of nature to help you unearth the buried treasures and sacred messages and wisdom of "Source" within you and engage in profound dialogue with your soul.


It is a journey to the unknown, without the drama and dogma of rehashing the old stories and tapes in our heads, about our lives. The earth drawing is a sacred art, an indigenous tool for  personal expression of your soul that is used for gaining insight, guidance, vision and understanding. It is a kind of ritualistic practice that offers to you a perspective and understanding from the purest source possible; your soul.  It is a transformation in a way that it works on the level of the energetic mythical and archtypal to assist in transforming limiting patterns that serve as obstacles to your highest and greatest expression. 


When creating an EMD you are working at the mythic or soul level where language is ceremony and images. Your drawing is your opportunity to commune with the silent you waiting to emerge and is the key to your personal growth and transformation.


The earth medicine drawing private consultation

  • brings you in union with the Divine and nature in a way that assists you in shifting what no longer serves your highest good

  • Fosters a deeper and more profound relationship with your higher self which serves you on all fronts of your life

  • bring in what is needed to create ayni or right relationship with your soul's path


The Earth Medicine Drawing (EMD) is based on the principles and practices of subtle energy and its relationship to the mystical world of Quantum Physics – a world that demonstrates more and more the power of our thoughts, emotions, and neurochemicals on creating our worlds.


Most importantly, it is a sacred tool of divination, manifestation and transformation that is used by various indigenous people. It is a guidance map authored by your higher self and the Divine.


To schedule your private consultation or to answer any questions please contact


It is strongly recommended that prior to doing a private EMD consult that you participate in the EMD workshop to build a solid foundation and understanding of the scientific principles and the role of intentionality in supporting the effectiveness of the Earth Medicine Drawings.  See programs for future workshop dates and times.

Ceremonial Fire

Fire is a tool of transformation in the Andean Tradition of healing. It is a sacred expression of the feminine energy of our great Mother Earth and is a cleansing ritual that allows for the ridding of those things that no longer serve the highest good of a person. Ceremonial fires are used to create community, open the soul to the sacred spirit of all humanity, and serve as a means to honor our creator and the provider of all life. The fire ritual is done around the full or new moon when it is believed that the veil between the worlds is the thinnest thus allowing us to connect with the wisdom of our ancestors for guidance and direction. The fire ceremony is non-denominational in orientation and is intended to be used as an expression of unity and oneness in spirit. Sacred fires are done on a monthly basis and are also done for both ceremony and special events.

Soul Journey & Retrieval

The soul journey and retrieval process is energetic in nature  and brings forth the root wisdom of your soul into the light of your conscious knowing.  It is shared time with the deeper layers of understanding that are always with you but can seem inaccessable due to Soul trauma and loss. 


Soul loss is a spiritual condition resulting from trauma of one form or another.  It is a distress call that reveals itself in many ways from repetitive destructive cycles to what feels like an endless search to fill an undescribable void.  It creates within us an endless drive in search of wholeness that has the potential for preventing a person from executing his/her spiritual "calling" in this lifetime.  The soul journey and retrieval process is an energetic healing technique.  It is not a psychological, physical or medical process.  It is performed to help the client reconnect with the more authentic aspects of self that have split off and have retreated to the hidden recesses of a person's psyche.  


The illumination process is an ancient healing technique that has been used for thousands of years and is still a healing practice of the Inca people of Peru. Modern physics supports the belief of the traditional healers of Peru in that the physical body is surrounded by a luminous field of energy called a luminous energy field (LEF). This field is analogous to a rainbow of light surrounding the body that cannot be seen with the human eye. The LEF is an invisible matrix of energy that cradles the physical body and holds imprint(s) of all our personal and ancestral memories, traumas and wounds. These imprints in our (LEF), similar to an imprint your foot makes in the sand, are quanta of energy that have their own frequency and vibration that attract like vibration and frequency experiences that mirror the original trauma or wound. Repeated unwanted patterns in our lives are indicative of an imprint in the luminous energy field. The illumination process removes this energy blockage or imprint thus allowing the energy to flow freely and generating healthier patterns and homeostasis in the body.


Similar to illumination, the extraction process is also an ancient healing technique of the Peruvian Healers that has been used for thousands of years as well and is still a healing practice used today. The extraction process is a neuroenergetic process performed to remove unwanted energies or intrusions from the body that can impede or compromise the life force energy of the body and spirit. The extraction process serves as a type of chrysalis for the body and soul by extricating unwelcome energy and restoring energetic equilibrium.





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