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Earth               Medicine


An inner journey experience to hear your higher knowing expressed through the wisdom of nature.


This workshop is intended for the pioneer you to help BLAZE a new trail for your life!

If you are someone that undoubtedly walks to the beat of a DIFFERENT drum, or secretly desire to do so, and fall outside of traditional thinking of how to get answers to your heartfelt life questions or in need of wise counsel for decisions come join me on the trail of discovery

We will  together create a sacred setting for your courageous exploration of your life and in a way that moves beyond the mind and traverses straight to the core of who you are to bring forth ALIVE joy that is life affirming and sustaining.

This isn't your everyday Joe kind of workshop.  You set the stage and intention for what you need in this highly interactive and very intimate event where you get to feel the groove of your inner shining star.  We will jump heart first into the waters of your unfamiliar self.  Become your personal soul whisperer for the truth  and guidance you are seeking.  Your journey with me will be deeply revealing and surprisingly accurate.

 Earth Medicine Drawing

Why Walk Through  Life When you can tap dance?  - Pachuca Ancestor

Not JUST another SPIRITUAL tool in your toolbox


The Earth Medicine Drawing Workshop will:

  • Serve as the key to assist you in accessing your inner landscape through the creation of your personal Earth Medicine drawing (EMD)

  • Teach you step by step how to create your own EMD and the needed know how to understand and interpret the story presented in it for clearer insight and guidance into any situation or challenge

  • provide the purest insight, guidance and truth that can't be found elsewhere and money can't buy

  • heighten your understanding of yourself and learn how to view your life through an unusual lens to clear the way for wanted change  

  • Involve individual coaching throughout the program to assist you in moving deeper into your drawing

**Pre-Workshop Requuired Reading


 Dates:  TBA



​  Time: 



   What to bring:

  •  A bag of stones or pebbles to create your sacred circle or hoop

  • 24 pack of Crayola crayons

  • writing tablet & pen/pencil

  • Appropriate and comfortable clothing  for indoor comfort and adventuring outdoors

  • back jack or ground level beach chair for working on the floor

  • an unscented votive or pillar candle and holder 

  • brown bag lunch

  • an intention for transformation


Due  to the sacred nature of this seminar and as a courtesy to those with chemical sensitivities I request that you  please refrain from using colognes,  perfumes or any other items that  may be heavily scented including clothing with heavily scented laundry products.


 * regular chairs will  be provided for those unable to sit   

    on the floor.






2020 Schedule

To register, contact:

(657) 859-9433

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