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Soul Journey

Retrieval of the Authentic Self

Soul Retrieving Journey

-Reclaiming Your Sacred Authentic Self-

     It is the belief of the indigenous medicine people i.e. Shaman that the perils of life can and do result in an aspect of our soul/self taking a kind of sabbatical resulting in feelings akin to being lost, separated from our old fun self or simply like something is missing.  These feeling often propel us to go on an endless and fruitless search, outside of ourselves, to find  what we feel is missing. Additionally, we can also experience, unidentifiable anxiety, vague fears, phobias etc. or feelings of apathy, numbness and indifference to self, life and others so much so that there is no joy or contentment with one's life despite "having it all".

     The soul retrieving journey  is an energetic healing process practiced by the wisdom keepers of the indigenous to unveil, thus bring forth, the root wisdom of your soul into the light of your conscious knowing.  It is time shared with the deeper layers of your soul's journey that can't always be readily understood via conscious knowing but is  always with us despite feeling inaccessible.   All memories, current and past are stored in the collective aspects of our souls and the soul retrieving journey is the gateway to accessing those memories for the purpose of healing from the inside out.

​     To get a clearer understanding of what the soul journey is think of it as being analogous to the work of a Psychologist in that it identifies the hidden or buried pieces in order to restore a person's  well-being but in a different ways.  It is a  practical technique cultivated and handed down for thousands of years and involves working outside of linear time to connect with four specific archetypal and energetic domains or chambers of your soul for the purpose of seeking out and identifying the missing, hidden, or buried pieces of the soul/self so that a person can heal and restore the forgotten authentic aspects of who they are.  The four chambers include:

1. Original Wounding Chamber  reveals what caused a part of

    you (soul) to disappear and why it occurred

2. Chamber of Contracts  is where you discover soul agreements or

    promises made that may often have  a connection to unwanted life

    patterns etc.

3.  Chamber of Grace is the domain of reunion with your lost part and

     reveals what must be done to restore it to your conscious life

4. Chamber of Treasures  is the chamber wherein lies the gift(s) i.e. spiritual

     wisdom to help aid in the full integration of the retrieved lost part

      as well as revealing one's power/animal spirit guide for help and

      guidance in living a more fulfilled life.


 Please note that it is imperative to understand that the soul journeying experience isn't intended to be or used for any type of curing.  It is a spiritual form of healing and should not be confused with physical health.  Curing is the business of a licensed medical doctor, while healing involves recovery from spiritual/soul wounding. The process is transformative and requires a reverent commitment by the client be an active participant in the healing process and should not be undertaken lightly.


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