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Answers, Guidance, Truth

Get Your Soul's Story Written By You...

  • Are you seeking truth? A greater expansion?

  • Are you feeling out of alignment? Do you wonder what happened to the "you" that felt alive and thirsty for life?

  • Do you want to express the whole of who you are?

  • Are you facing challenges or feel stuck?  Are you longing to know what your "higher self" and hear its wisdom?

  • Are you wanting to live in ayni (right relationship) with your self, and not sure where to begin?

  • Are you confused, discerning what is heart-talk and what is mind-chatter as it relates to your inner guidance?

In our shared time together I will connect you to your Soul Story.  The Soul Story consult involves a journey to the most sacred you at the seat of your soul.  I will help you navigate  what is most critical and pressing in your life and provide you the guidance and insight from your soul's perspective.  This will continue to assist you in making decisions, becoming more clear about your life's journey from a place of wholeness.


The unfolding of your soul's wisdom throughout the process will gift you with the understanding of how your soul's perspective differs from your limited everyday perspective.  What you may see as the "whole" of a situation, a problem etc. may in fact only be a partial view.  I will assist you to connect with your soul's insights, that are far beyond the surface of physical reality, thus allowing  for answers, guidance or solutions that have a greater potential for lasting resolution.


The soul story consult is YOUR personal time to view your inner landscape and connect with guidance and truth about your life from the perspective of your soul.  I will lead you in the process using a sacred divination practice and story, written by you, to slowly immerse you into the language and symbolism of your soul. You will be introduced to your personal archetypal patterns and other "particulars" requesting your attention with the goal of living a more authentic and joyful life.

The Soul Story process can reveal dormant feelings and insights deep beneath the surface of your conscious understanding that are often inhibitors to living greater joy in living.  When working at the soul level, we don't encounter your ego's defense mechanisms and hidden agendas which opens the door for pure guidance and insights that come directly from your higher knowing and your connection "Source".  The Soul Story Consult is a process that welcomes you to become an objective witness to issues your soul wants addressed and provides you specific direction and guidance for resolution from the inside out. The insights provided are pure, unbiased and something available to you 24/7 once you understand and learn the personal language of your soul and how to access it. 

My work is designed for the serious and committed seeker wanting more than a "surface" knowing and understanding of a personal situation.  It not about a psychic reading or getting a "healing" where there is no involvement on your part.  It is not a touch, go and forget about process.  It is an on-going process that requires a commitment to your spiritual growth and evolution. 

To begin the journey all you have to do is make the time, be willing and READY to hear your soul's truth, and fully commit to the process. The average session for this work is approximately 3 hours in length.

*Please note my greatest honor is to journey and be a conduit of light for you and one I take seriously. Thus, the soul story consult is intended to be a sacred and profound interaction with your soul and should be approached with profound reverence and not be considered a psychic reading or any form of entertainment.





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