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Commitment Ritual

The ceremony and ritual to join your lives is not only a celebration of your shared love, but is also one of the most memorable days of your life. It is a sacred day of union between two souls that deserves special thought and reflection.  As a Non-traditional wedding officiate I offer ceremony alternatives that honor ancient traditions of our ancestors.  It is my passion to make your nuptials a sacred and blessed union of your unique love.  My desire is to create for you a ceremony that reflects the inner meaning of your shared love and commitment.  The most important aspect of your special day are the vows you and your beloved exchange that honor both of your spiritual paths.  Many questions arise in the planning of this part of your ceremony and the choices available are many and are based on the type and length of ceremony you would like to have in creating your special day. The style of ceremony can be simple, or designed to include a variety of timeless traditions that truly reflects the couple's choices for meaning and intention. *


A few examples include:  


Smudging Ritual   |   Opening to the Sacred|

Hand Fasting  |  Ceremonial Fire|    

Mesa Blessing of Rings

Melody is legally approved to perform civil wedding ceremonies in California, Hawaii, and Ohio.  Fees are structured according to the time and travel distance involved.

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